Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seems As Though...

...things have been happening since I've been away. As I expected they would. I just have a few thoughts on my mind and instead of keeping them tethered here in my inebriated brain I thought I might unleash them upon the general public.

  • It seems that this poor fucker done sucked his last dime out of people. None of this crap about how insensitive my comment is. It is what it is. He used people to contribute to his kitty and bought things like computers, software, movies, etc. I realize he had a tough go of it, but sometimes life sucks ass. Mine ain't been none too great lately either, but you don't see me hitting up people for help. I hear people laud him as to what a great wordsmith he was and I won't disagree. I think on occasion he said he believed in the afterlife, or not. If there is one he's done met his maker and I suspect it wasn't quite what he was expecting. Let's move on.

  • My whole feeling on this bailout of the financial institutions is just that. A feeling. And it ain't a good one. I trust politicians like I trust my ex. They dance a good dance but at the end of the night it ain't the fucking you had in mind.

  • I had a falling out with an old friend on the simple basis that she thought her shit didn't stink. Simple as that. I have no idea where the idea took root in the past few years that people have carte blanche to do and say as they please and when they get called on it they go ballistic. For the most part people are fairly easy to read. And I can smell bullshit from a silo away. And I'll call it just that when I smell it.

  • That's it for today. And maybe for the next two months. I'm in the midst of taking care of a situation I didn't sign up for but am doing the best I can to alleviate. No sympathy needed, none wanted. Hell, ain't nobody reading this anyways.


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