Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Don't Care When You Do it...

...but moving sucks. I've spent the past month giving away or throwing away thirty years of my life. With no regard. Many memories, few regrets. The bed held some. Many, many great romps with Carol. But that was so damned long ago I don't even remember.

Carol had GREAT tits. That's about all I remember about her. I do remember giving her a copy of Narcissus and Goldmund one Christmas. I'm not sure she ever read it. She used to come over to the last place I lived before I moved to this hell hole. She was a smart woman. A reporter. But she'd watch Inside Edition and call it the news. That used to make me fucking crazy. I'm leaving here with five boxes and five Glad trash bags. And a bad back from hauling that damned bed to the dumpster. Go figure.


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