Sunday, August 03, 2008

Size Matters...

...or so they say. You've all seen those commercials for male enhancement, yes? ExTenze. Makes that certain part of the male anatomy larger.

Can't they say Penis on TV? PENIS. PENIS. PENIS. I assume that's the part of my anatomy they're talking about. In my case it wouldn't do any good. Nothing's gonna get this dead dick back in the saddle. Perhaps they're talking about some other part of my body. My liver? Nah, I'm drinking that larger as we speak. My lips? Nope. Big enough. Biceps perhaps? WRONG!! It's my PENIS. SAY IT, DAMMIT!! You want my PENIS bigger. Better yet, you want my COCK bigger. SAY IT!!! YOU WANT MY COCK BIGGER. I hate advertisements. So should you.


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