Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Is As Happy Does...

...and now I have to deal with this inane bullshit that people are carrying around with them that despite the fact that the world is shitting itself they still reserve the right to 'be HAPPY'.

Fuck this whole mess of shit. I was watching the news tonight and some lady thought it was necessary, in this economy, to get her gum's and teeth fixed, despite the fact that her mortgage was in arrears and she had no insurance. But she wanted to look 'atractive'. Because it made her feel good and happy. WTF!!

Am I just cosmically stupid or just galactically so? The issue is, boys and girls, that the world, and in particular, America, that you have so comfortably lived in for the past 20 years is slowly, yet methodically, crumbling around you. And yet you insist on 'being happy' at all costs.

God help you all for your ignorance.


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