Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where The Hell Was I...

...when the American educational system shit the bed, along with the rest of every system we have??

It had to be sometime in the mid-nineties. Because what I saw last night just befuckled my ass to hell and back. It seems some new fangled program is catching on where they bring in dogs to secondary grades and the kids read to the dogs. That way, if the kids make a mistake, such as a mispronunciation or such, they can just keep on going because the dogs won't correct or chastise them about said blunder. WTF!!! Isn't that the point of education? To correct and teach? How in the hell is a goddamn dog going to do that? Aren't my tax dollars going to a teachers salary so she can speak up and tell little Johnny that, "No, Johnny, it's not pronounced that way."

I've seen the dumbing-down of the other parts of society over the years and I figured I would just learn to deal with it and thank my lucky stars my ass wasn't caught up in that crap. One of my sons did well in school and the other one just wasn't interested. When something caught his fancy he excelled splendidly. But they lived 400 miles away so I had no way of checking on their daily development. When I did go visit or communicate, which was very often, they seemed to be doing well. But this shit is just that; SHIT. No child left behind? Hell, we forgot to bring the parents along for the ride.


Blogger Hammer said...

They have to dumb it down for the minorities whose parents either speak spanish or ebonics.

The rest of the kids have to get their education from their parents or reading.

I'm going throug this shit right now.

9:50 PM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

That goes a tad bit further than dumbing it down, no Hammer? That's just a complete waste of time and money.

11:26 PM  

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