Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday's Tumble's...

...or how's that god of yours looking now.

  • Seems we had an earthquake in Peru. Death count not too bad. Lots of rubble and the like, which is standard when the earth scratches its ass. Odd though, watching the news. Some woman complaining that god and the government weren't there on spot to help her. Hmmmm. I can see the government being somewhat tardy. But god? I mean it ain't like there's a universe to keep up. Of course, I personally think god is just sitting back in his recliner, sipping a good merlot and laughing uncontrollably at our ignorance as to how this whole shabang works.

  • Another case in point would be the recent bombing over in the sandy hellhole. Seems they wiped out alot of members of some really old religious sect. Once again, the elder of the group was whining about how the troops and Allah weren't there for protection. My guess is ole Allah is sitting up there with Jehovah and Yahweh having some knee-slapping laughs in the Oak Room.

  • I could pontificate about this ad infinitum but what would be the point. I'm pretty familiar with the capriciousness of nature, both natural and human. Ain't no guarantees boys and girls. And don't expect some fairy or angel to drop down and save your ass. It ain't likely to happen. If it does, chalk it up to good luck. Now go lay down and say your prayers.


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