Thursday, August 02, 2007


...what the fuck's.

  • There are times when I wonder why I really give a shit about anything. I worked my ass off for almost a month to make sure that we would meet a deadline and I accomplished everything. So the deadline should have been met. Was it, you ask? Nooooooooooooooo!!! At the last minute a change was made that required me to redo everything I had done, and to do it in two days. Did I get it done, you ask? Of course. I finished today at 1:00PM. Will it make a difference? Not unless everyone else gets their heads out of their asses. I come home exhausted wondering WTF!! Why am I busting my ass at 54 years of age. I'm exhausted, I don't sleep worth a shit because I dream about work. Too damned many demons.

  • There's some guy down in the Florida keys that determined that ALL the coral in said waters was dying and almost extinct. So he and his daughter figured out a way to glue some sort of coral to cinder blocks and get it to grow. They made it a 4-H project. I thought 4-H dealt with farm animals and such. Why would I care? I don't. This chump claims the coral is disappearing because of global warming and the increase in water temps. Makes me wonder what the hell they think is going to happen 20 years from now. When will people realize you ain't gonna fuck with the universe. It might fuck with you. It's been busily rolling along doing what it does, as it's supposed to. For some reason people have this notion in their head that they can reverse all that ails the planet in the course of a few years. As if none of the current problems haven't happened in the past billion some odd years. Just let the power that set this whole thing in motion take care of things. I trust a helluva lot more than I'll ever trust your ass.

  • I'm about to give up on the medical profession. I have good health insurance. It covers me and the boys. Our premiums are going down next year, which doesn't happen very often. But my dermatologist has decided to quit doing all things related to dermatology and concentrate on MOH's surgery. If ya don't know what it is, look it up. So I call their office the other day to make an appointment to get some basal cells biopsied. Sorry, they say. We don't do that any longer. You'll have to find ANOTHER dermatologist to do the biopsies and then get them to refer you to us. SAY WHAT? You've been my doctors for over six years. Now you aren't? That's correct. It's hard enough for me to get up the fortitude to go to an MD, much less look for another once I find one I like. I may just get a full carton of Franzia, some new razor blades, some popsicle sticks to grit on and do it my own damned self.


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

So how have you been?

1:57 AM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

Dunno. Let me back to you with that one.

10:51 PM  

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