Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday's Tirade...

...with an apology for having to write about this fuckstick again.

  • Public TV was running one those summertime specials during their fund raising campaign. This shyster is apparently a big draw and they were promoting his new book. So he comes out in a black shirt and his pajama bottoms and bare feet, with a Japanese garden as the backdrop. He begins by saying how he had some revelation the day after his 65th birthday that brought to light the fact that he needed to change the direction of his life. So, he says, he told his secretary of 30 years to sell his office, all his awards, all 20,000 of his books and anything else that was left so he could embark on this newfound direction. Uh-Huh. I believed that one.

    He claims this all came about because he read Lao-Tzu's the Tao Te Ching. Just so happens I read it years ago. Never inspired my ass to go barefoot and try to scam money from people. It didn't take the most prescient of individuals to figure out where this was headed. It didn't take me long to surf on to something else. I do feel sorry for all the schmucks that get caught up in all his bullshit. A little dose of reality might do them some good.


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