Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday's Fancy's...

...or how I feel about some things...

  • It's been hotter than hell around here in NC this week. Over 100 for most of the week. Of course, I've never been to hell. Not yet, anyways. I'm sure my ass is heading in that direction, so this is a good primer.

    Now, of course, all the nutsack global warming fucktards are spewing their venom about how it's only going to get worse, so I did some research on my own, being the diligent blogger that I am. I won't include references in this tirade. Suffice it to say that there may be pockets of areas that may be affected by certain environmental circumstances, but the very thought that we, as humans, could somehow change the course of how the earth heats and cools itself is utter nonsense. So please, I'm BEGGING you. Stop this shit. Concentrate more on what something in the picture might do. It won't change a damned thing about the how the earth functions, but it damned sure would have have something to say about your fried ass.

  • A certain someone I know needs prayer because her Mom is dying. This is an urgent plea given the fact that there is family strife and it shouldn't be happening at this particular moment.

  • I hate taking meds. I thought the Norvasc was finally kicking in because I had three consecutive readings of 132/76, but tonight it was 158/88. Must have been a worse day than I thought. Zoloft seems to be working, however. I can expose myself without any kind of anxiety. It opens all kinds of possibilities.


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