Thursday, December 28, 2006

Silly, Silly Person...

...thought maybe they could throw poop at me and I wouldn't duck. I love people that have diaper pails in place of their cranium. I think it's called shit-for-brains.

I am not a Cottonelle ass wipe and crap don't stick to me. You shit slingers take your bowel evacuants and spew your slimy diarrhea at will, all in the name of "ME". With little regard for the fact that it makes you the cow dung of the field. Such a good, good person you are. That hides behind a mask of feces so transparent that it's hard not to imploy the age-old adage..."You're so full of shit your eyes are brown." Or black in this case. You should get that checked. Could be blood in the colon. OH, I forgot, you don't have blood. Just ice water. My bad. I'll order the tests.


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