Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What The Hell

...is the big deal with the prez's wife having some skin cancer removed? Christ all-fucking mighty.

I have at least three places on my back at the moment that are basal cell and need to be removed. And those are only the ones I can see. But after going through my first round which left me with 90 stitches scattered about, I'm not looking forward to contorting myself with several utensils in hand trying to place bandaids on the stitches. You ever tried to put a bandaid in a fork and guide it to a place on your back which you couldn't normally reach when you were a suptle 10-year old? And then try to put it in place with a butter knife? It doesn't work out too well. And the asshat MSM were acting like it was a life-and-death situation.

It was diagnosed as squamous cell. You can let it go for years. Keep on eye on it. You'll notice when it starts to eat too much tissue away. It builds character.


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