Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes My Cranium...

...gets overloaded and I have to let the pressure off.

  • I am, for the most part, a very laid back individual, and practice a "live and let live" lifestyle. If you want to tattoo your mother's ass on your face, well, that's your choice. But it always confounds me when people are so fucking arrogant that they think if only people would do as they do the world would be a paradise. Politicians come to mind, to name only one. So I quit watching their shit. In the long run, it may work for your ass, but it may not work for mine, of which I have little of.

  • I'm not a technological neophyte and I'm pretty good with my hands and such. But the quality of technical writers these days is pitiful. My combo DVD/VCR shit the bed after one year. I tried for three weeks to find one to replace it. Most models now are made to connect to cable boxes or some such other thingy. I finally found one at Best Buy. Records both DVD's and VCR's. It took my ass three hours to figure out how to use the fucker. Hooking it up was easy. Getting through the rest of the instructions was like reading Korean. They should put pictures of big-breasted women in the instructions. It would keep me from getting so pissed off.

  • Someone called me a "dead dick boy" in the comments. I have a good sense of humor and I don't take myself too seriously, and I discuss that aspect of my life freely. But the damned thing ain't always dead. Just wanted to clear that up.

  • Sometimes the thing you're looking for the most is right under your nose. In my case it's another glass of wine. And a peek at BabsRn's "mine are real, thank you very much" breasts. Hey, my body is getting old, so I've been reminded.

  • Ever taken Wellbutrin? That is some bad, bad shit. It's an anti-depressant but they found that if you take it for a month or so it will help you quit smoking. I can see why. Because if you take it you're going to kill yourself anyways, so that solves that. I quit taking it after two days. I couldn't drive, couldn't think, couldn't concentrate. Hell, I couldn't do shit. On the other hand, if you have SAD, then I recommend Clonazepam. You take two of those bad boys and settle in with a box of wine and you'll be talking to Jesus and the entire squadron of archangels.

  • Best concerts I've ever seen. Jethro Tull at Carmichael Auditorium at UNC after Thick As A Brick came out. Steely Dan at the Palladium(now goes by another name) in Charlotte. I don't know diddly about sound equipment and the like, but damned if they don't do it well.

  • Everything on TV nowadays is contrived. Reality shows, cooking shows, game shows. When my eldest was born and the ex and her sister went out shopping, I took the young tyke to the market and we purchased a box of bread-making mix. I took him home, put him in his little carry seat, plopped him on the kitchen counter and gave him a Heineken. I then talked him through the finer points of cooking and such. During this time the wimmin's came home and were just flabbergasted by my prowess. There should have been cameras. I looked good back then.


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