Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits...

...and other musings about things that don't mean a damn.

  • No matter how hard you try in life, in general, or if someone has it out for your ass, there's gonna be shit in your path. And sometimes you realize it's too late to go around it. So you just suck it up, walk through it and hope you've worn down the treads in your shoe bottoms enough that the cleanup won't be quite so dreadful and stinky.

  • I try to be a good employee and in that vein I try to be as productive as I can. I go above and beyond the call of duty and take on tasks that, at my age, I shouldn't. But I do it anyways. You'd think I'd have the fucking sense to lay low, take it easy, and get a cush job. Like Drew Carey did with hosting the Price Is Right. I hadn't seen that program in over twenty years, when we used to lay up stoned and laugh our asses off. Then when I went to take care of my Dad I had my "office" set up at their kitchen table and EVERY fucking day, at 11, he would watch that show. And bid on the damned showcases, as if he something to gain. I just quietly laughed and went about my business. But that has to be one hell of a gig to have landed. He's a funny guy, hours seem OK and there's lots of women. All I get to do is take over others work, on top of my own, and get my ass chewed out when things I'm not supposed to be doing don't work out. Did I mention shit in your path?

  • I can't believe I still have to listen to the nightly news and hear about Iraq, New Orleans and Katrina and all the other shit that they can't let go of. Did I mention shit in your path?

  • The ex's Sister once dated a guy that took her to a pajama party at an upscale bar. She said he smelled like chicken soup. We were at said bar at the time when she told us and we were drinking White Russians. I was on about my sixth and the aroma of chicken soup didn't sound unappealing to me. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when his BMW got inundated with BO from the parking attendant. Some shit just sticks with you. Did I mention shit it your path?

  • Just talked to both sons. I won't go into the conversations because they were both enjoyable. I like hearing about what they're doing and how they're shaping their lives. Reminds my ass of when I was their age. 'Cept I can't remember back that far. Too much shit in the path, I reckon.

  • I still can't believe that QofD called me "dead dick boy". This is the only response I can come up with. Just be glad you don't have a prostate, missy smarty pants.

  • Just out of curiosity, if God can save my ass, might he do the same for you? Not like I need saving or anything like that. Just tired of stepping in shit. Just curious, ya know.


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