Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Night Bullets...

...installment for whatever today is.

  • I find it somewhat befuckling that no one has commented on the cancer issue regarding the Edwards'. Why aren't they pushing for more muscle in the hope of a cure? Put some heat on the FDA and the drug companies to find a cure. Ahh, but that would cost the drug companies and their investors millions upon millions of dollars. As of now, they have developed some drugs that prolong life for a period of time, and they pat the pockets of the drug companies. And they make millions. And to those w/o insurance? They're fucked.

    I always sucked at math, science and business. I'm right-brained. Means I know a nice tit when I see one. Cancer involves our cells. Mitochondria, best as I can discern. They are the powerhouse of cells. Normal cells, and hence these powerhouses, just normally run out of energy and die and our body replaces them. Simple enough. Not so with cancer. Normal, healthy cells in your body grow in a very orderly and well-controlled way, living for a set period of time and then dying on schedule. When a normal cell dies, your body replaces it with another normal cell. Cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled manner. They forget to die and therefore the diseased cells accumulate. One malignant cell becomes two, two become four, four become eight, and so on, until a mass of cells (a tumor) is created. Tumors remain small until they're able to attract their own blood supply, which allows them to obtain the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow larger. I'm confused as to why they can't control these powerhouses and their desire to replicate and the blood supply. We have a lot of smart people and scientists in this country. Should be a slam dunk.

    Now, they say if you can regulate the ph in your body these cells can't live. They hate an alkaline environment. But it's really very difficult to do that, if at all. But my point is this. Why can't scientists working on this shit determine that if a cell won't die, we program it to? There's some new science looking into nano-cells, or some such. They say it shows promise. I say bullshit.

    Because I don't think the drug companies, and by extension, the FDA, will ever allow it. Too much money lost to walk into your MD, be diagnosed with the big "C" and get a shot, or whatever, and walk out cured. Never gonna happen.

  • I normally don't comment on work, and will never give an inkling as to where I do said work, but they hired a new guy that is supposed to make things more "fluid". Nice enough guy, when he's there. He just disappears for hours at a time. Sometimes with the owner, sometimes with one of the sales guys. I'm no dummy. There is something in the shithole about this guy. I should care, but I don't. I do what I do and know I can make a good case. We'll se how it plays out.

  • I just can't get into the usual programs I watch. I tried to watch Dancing With The Stars but I couldn't hang. Especially the Heather MIlls leg thing. Who cares if she can dance. Here she is nekkid. Before she lost her leg. You wanna dance with her? I think not. Maybe foreplay.

  • I happen to be a big believer in the fact that when our "intention" wants us home, our ass is outta here. I've seen too many instances of it.

    It could be that we surpassed our expectations and he/she didn't want us to fuck up. Or it could be that we just weren't going to win this little game we play. Or our moral compass went haywire. Just thinking, with the help of Franzia.


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