Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Shit Bucket...

...or my shit don't stink. Hang in here with me. My head is full of fecal matter so I may sound like a shithead.

In the olden days(and I don't mean the 1950's. More like the 1400's) the chumps of society had to carry around buckets and one was for piss and one for shit. The aristocrats summoned the bucket carriers and they (the aristocrats) deposited their bodily excrement into the bucket and said peons took it to wherever for deposit. A shit and piss bank or something like that. I guess it was normal for the times and no one thought anything about it. It was normal behavior and life just went on, stink and all. Me thinks that somewhere along the line is where the phrase "I'm not putting up with this shit" was coined. But I could be wrong.

Move ahead a bit and someone came up with the idea of sewers and such and no one had to carry shit around any longer, except their own psychological shit, which stinks worse than most of our own biological poop we send down the commode.

So,in our adaptation, we no longer had to deal with shit, except our own and those of our children. Babies have no choice but to shit as they please, so we adapted again. Some genius came up with diapers and the shit movement was over.

HAH! We deal with shit everyday. Both figuratively and literally. Been to a nursing home? You'll encounter some shit, of both kinds. Taken care of a cancer patient? Same. We avoid shit as best we can, but it will find us. That's shit's nature. It wants us to feel tainted, and violated.

I changed both of my sons diapers and I saw some serious baby shit. I went to nursing homes when I was in college as part of a program and I saw old women whom had shit their own pants. And I was still required to go pray over them. Which I did, without recourse.

I've cleaned out lift stations as women flush their residue down my face. With a "Do Not Flush" warning on the door.

Point? Shit happens. It always does and always will. You try to avoid it, but it will come and smack you up the side of the head.


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