Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This Whole Political Maelstrom...

...over the firing of the U.S. Attorney's is just so much bullshit. I know democracy is supposed to be a work in the making, but the political environment we have now is more like kids fighting on the playground.

This isn't government. It's tom-foolery. I feel about government officials the same way I feel about people that want to have meetings all the time. They want to hear themselves talk and be in the limelight. Enough of this shit. It isn't even worth the time of day. The most toxic invention of our time was the TV. We should be out farming our crops and feeding our children instead of worrying about how we look and how much attention we get. If you watch any of the news conferences the dimowits give, they all shuffle around to make sure they get in the spotlight.

It isn't about partisan politics, folks. It's about running a country, and doing it well, without prejudice. Make it fair for everyone. Politicians these days are nothing more than screen idols. And we all know how egotistic they are. That ego we all have is a funny beast. You continue to feed it and it spins out of control. The id goes to shit and so does the superego. It's no wonder we can't get it right in Iraq. We've lost our whole balance. You can't create a democracy if you don't know what the hell it is any longer.

And someone PLEASE tell Al Gore to shut the fuck up. The planet ain't gonna die in ten years. Hopefully, he will.


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