Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Is One Of The Reasons...

I hate activists, and it's not the type of thing I want to hear after a bad day at the office.

I like animals of all kinds. I don't wanna be around of a lot of them, but that's just my ass's preference. I'm not sure what the hell you do with a polar bear once it grows up, but, again, I don't plan on finding out. But if you're an advocate for them, why would you want them killed because they can't grow up in their native environment? These people are just batshit crazy on every level. There are lots of parents out there that shouldn't be raising kids and we don't tell them to kill their kids.

I often ponder why I live alone. I think when I see or hear or read this type of thing it convinces me I'm doing the correct thing. All I have to say is investigate your cerebellum for fecal matter, because you have shit for brains.


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