Friday, March 16, 2007

This Is My Refrigerator Door...

...and it contains memories.

Funny how I didn't think about this for some time. When I was married our house was only 1320 square feet. Most of it was an open family room and the rest was three really small bedrooms and two bathrooms. But it suited us at the time.

One night I decided the refrig door needed to be reversed. Since I did all the cooking it made perfectly good sense to my ass. The youngest was already down for the night, but the eldest was up trying to learn the tricks of the trade and the ex was looking at me like I was getting ready to step on a land mine that would blow the place into timber sticks.

The point was this; stove was in the middle of the kitchen,against the back wall, but the frig opened toward the stove. Didn't make any sense. Why not make it open away from the stove so my ass could grab things and shuffle them where they needed to be.

So for about thirty minutes I enthralled the kid and infuriated the ex. She was sure I was going to fuck up the entire house. I had the eldest help with the screw drivers and had to listen to how the ex's father would never do this. Yeah, he's hire someone. All I heard was, "You aren't my dad". Nope, never wanted to be. But the door works the way it should. And your Dad never would have been able to do it. So shut the fuck up.

Made my cooking life easier. Someone else got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. He was history as well. I miss that house.


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