Thursday, March 08, 2007

For Me To Go Out In Public...

...takes an act of my psychological congress.

I have to work myself up to it. For three weeks I've needed to get a pair of jeans. Just never could get over the angst of walking in the store. It's not like I can just walk up to someone and greet them. It don't happen.

Funny thing, however. When I can convince myself to do it I'm as engaging as can be. Today, for example. On the drive home from work I convinced myself that this was a good day to go forth and purchase my denim. On my way into the Sears store at the mall some poor woman came out the door and tripped over the threshold. Packages went flying. Simple enough to help pick them up and offer a "Careful". We laughed at her clumsiness. She didn't mind nor did I. Human stuff.

Once in the store I reverted back to my "get it done and get it done NOW". I rifled through the men's department and scarfed up what I needed in about 3 minutes. Once at the counter I was back in my "I will engage you and have a good time" mode. I bantered with the clerk and actually made her laugh on several occasions.

Wish I understood this shit. Sure would make it easier on my cerebellum.


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