Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Not A Fan Of The Medical Profession...

...as it's practiced in the US of A. I've been through it enough at various levels to know that it's controlled by drug companies, HMO's and the like. So I avoid it as best I can, even given my condition.

But NBC has been running a series this week on those doctors and nurses that help save the lives of soldiers and marines in Iraq. Last night was excellent. Tonight was even better. Just pure, unadulterated medicine at its best, under trying conditions. And the job they do is mind boggling. My hat is off to all those that participate in this endeavor. The selflessness and dedication involved defies anything I could muster. These are the types of people I pray for at night when I lay my squirrelly head down. People that do God's work above and beyond the call of duty to try and save and protect their comrades. Like one doctor said in the piece, there is no medicine like this. I'll bet that's the case.


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