Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Anyone Heard About This SkyWalk...

...they're opening at the Grand Canyon? Nah, me neither.

Seems the Hualapai Indian Nation has erected this monstrosity so tourists can walk out over the edge of a cliff and get a birds-eye-view of the rocks and water and such. It extends 70 feet over the edge and is about 4700 feet above the surface. I've never been to the Grand Canyon nor do I ever plan on going. Looking at rocks and such doesn't do much for my ass. But if I did go, I'll be damned if I'd walk out on this thing. I can go out and get one of those fountain thingys and look at it from the comfort of home, with my feet on the ground.

They say the Hualapai did it because they are so poor and needed the revenue from the tourists that will walk their asses out there. I'd say that as well. Point is, HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY PAY FOR IT'S CONSTRUCTION? That thing must have cost a fucking fortune. Hope they get their money back pretty damned quick. Liquor prices are going up.


Blogger Ted Mielczarek said...

An outside developer financed it in return for a cut of the profits. They're charging $25 a person to go out on it, so I think it'll turn a profit before too long. For the tribe it's a no-brainer, they didn't have to pay for it, but they get to profit anyway.

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