Saturday, December 16, 2006

I've Been Around The Block A Few Times... not much surprises me any longer. But I do find it somewhat disconcerting that we've become so jaded in our trust of others.

If you know me at all, which is limited to very few people, you know that I keep things pretty close to the vest. If you get the opportunity to get inside my head, which again, isn't often, then you have reached a place few people go. I don't mean for this to sound egocentric. Far from it. I can be an engaging individual. But one thing is not part of my nature. And that is to hurt others or try to harm them. I would rather sit down with you one-on-one and have a healthy, vibrant conversation. If you were to meet me on the street and we passed, I would look you in the eye and nod, give you a greeting of some sort, and go on my way.

What befuckles me is this. Why do we no longer trust the people we meet? As I said, I've been around long enough to realize that the world can be brutal at times. But in that time, I know whom I can trust. I am hardly a person that you would find threatening. Unless you really pissed my ass off. And even then, you'd get a second chance.

I don't blame you if you feel jaded by experience. Just don't lump me into the batter when you turn on the mixer. I don't blend so well.


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