Friday, December 15, 2006

This Gentleman Probably Had... of the best intellects I have ever been exposed to. If you had the pleasure to read him you would know that my intellect compared to his is like that of the sun and a roma tomato.

But he was very direct in his advocacy that shit happens. To all of us. Especially if you live long enough. I'm not talking about the kinda shit where you meet someone and they want to shove gerbils up your ass and consider it foreplay. Or put whipped cream and a cherry on your nipple and then pour some rum on there and light it.

No, No. We're talking about the daily crap that invades our life and takes us out of our rhythm. It happens. The measure of a person, in his mind, was how we respond to those that want to help us get through these times. Some may mean well and spew platitudes about "hanging in there". Others may avoid us until the deluge has subsided. A few may offer, in a quiet and gentle way, some type of monetary support, depending on the situation.

I did that today. And I was also offering some ideas on an area I have some expertise in. I was basically told to drop it. So I did. Had it been me, I would have taken in any advice and counsel offered. If a situation has you stymied then the more the merrier in my book. I want the congress in session if my ass is in trouble. Guess that's why pride is one of the seven deadly sins. We seem to have developed this frame of mind that we can get pissy with people and blame it on our frame of mind and then when we decide that we're not feeling so bad any longer the people that offered help will still be there. The measure of a person is how you accept anothers offer to help.

The gentleman's name is Sydney J. Harris. Go get one of his books. You'll be enlightened.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, your intergalactically stupid fan wants to know - Who's he? What did he write?

9:14 AM  

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