Monday, December 18, 2006

I Could Give Two Good Patooties...

...about professional sports these days. Another example of why is the recent so-called brawl in some NBA game. These guys are overpaid thugs at best, with egos the size of their salary and brains the size of a pea. And it isn't just the NBA. It's all sports. Sports figures seem to feel that they live by another set of rules than the rest of us. And I don't blame them. If we continue to support their efforts then they have no reason to expect other than what we give them. There's an easy way to stop this shit. Quit going to, and stop watching, games. The revenue dries up and so do they. I can count on one hand the number of professional sporting events I've watched this year. It's not likely to increase any in the remaining days of the year.


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Blogger GUYK said...

over paid prima donnas who don't know the meaning of teamwork makes up the majority of the NBA now. I blame a basketball coach at NY Las Vega who about twenty years ago started recruiting the black players off the streets just to get a basketball team that was competitive..they could not even spell round ball and were thugs but they were good individual athletes..and they went to the established a precedent and now you see what we have. I long for the days of Jordan and the Admiral when basketball was not a contact sport..I no longer watch the game although I see once favorite over achievers..the Orlando magic..are leading the pack right now.

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Blogger Helen said...

You know what... your text starts with the words professional sports and I have been absolutely unable to read beyond that point. I started reading that sentence three times and it's like a light in my brain switches off and I can't see the text beyond. So it's a comment to say I did not read your new post. :D

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