Friday, December 08, 2006

I Happen To Think...

...our health care system is irrevocably broken. If you even get a good MD, you have to jump through hoops the size of Texas. If you want test results you have to be lucky enough to have the MD's secretary's e-mail to get them. And if you have to have surgery you might as well bank on getting a staph infection because they have no one to look out for you. But, if you like reading about this kinda stuff, as I do, go here. She lives in Canada, but damned if it isn't interesting. I always wanted to be a doctor. Actually inquired about it. I was too old, so they said. Plus I couldn't stand blood or people. Actually, I can handle the blood thing. But the people. I don't want you coming into my examine room whining about some kind of pain. Go home and take an aspirin and call me when you're dead.

But in all seriousness, take the time to get yourself checked out. I hate doctors and always will, but it's a psychological thing. Save the titties and prostates.


Blogger Joey Polanski said...

So lemme guess ...

... You became a undrtakr?

2:55 AM  

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