Friday, September 08, 2006

We Have A Young Kid...

...down at work that's getting married this weekend. Nice guy. Pretty fiance. If I had one word of advice for him it would be RUN, FAST. I know that sounds cynical, but I mean it. Males in their early to mid-twenties have one thing in mind. We all know what that is. I have no idea what women have in mind at that age, although I'm learning from reading the blogs of older women. But whatever they have in mind I do know it involves some sort of mental torture and coercion. But that's another post. I wish them well, I really do. But if you've ever been married in your twenties you know that lustfull, always-in-the-mood, can't get enough of you feeling will wane in short manner. There's a reason men reach their sexual peek between 17 and 28. Women reach theirs at age 35-40. There are varied psychological studies why this is so. It's hormonal, self-awareness. Hell, it could be a myriad of circumstances. My take? I think by the time women reach 35 they no longer feel like they have to use sex as a tool. They can use it for pleasure, for themselves. Men don't give a rats ass about that. They just want it. So women can be selective and bring in their other feelings that accompany the act. And by the time men reach 35 they are on their sexual decline, so again women have the upper hand. God must be a woman. I see no way around that. Their can't be anything more cruel than this scenario. Is there a point to this drivel? Of course not. I just wish there were some way to warn young people about marriage. Not that it's a bad thing, but that the ramifications of getting married early will way heavy on their lives. I have two sons that work at a marina during the summer and they get all the nooky they need from middle-aged women that are tired of their husbands. And they go home at night and rest easy. I'm just saying...


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