Friday, September 08, 2006

OK, Let Me ...

...qualify this. I am NOT obsessing about the little keebler cookie pixie that does the CBS news now. I'm just curious as to what's going to develop. I'm an NBC tried-and-true watcher. Tonight she was dressed like an amish woman or a pilgrim. I couldn't tell. And her skirt was yanked up just under her very ample bosom. Who knew such an intellectual dynamo could also have a body to kill for? Well, maybe not kill for, but certainly some sort of manslaughter charge. OK, I just have a fantasy of having wild ass romping sex with her on her desk with the CBS logo flashing as we pump in unison. Come on guys, admit it, you want to see all women nekkid. It's our nature. But, again, I'm getting away from my point. She talked about her daughters and the HPV virus(see post below) and how uncomfortable she would be to get it for her daughters. After that, the thought of fucking her to death entered my mind so we could put an end to this farce. This thing can't last very long. I know she's had the ratings this week, but that will wane. I'm off to get me some viagra. I have some work to do...


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