Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sooo, The Major...

...goes a missing. Major Jill Metzger went shopping in Kyrgyzstan and suddenly disappeard. Of course foulplay was immediately suspected. It had to be a kidnapping. Lots of people looking for her. Bands of young men in that country go out looking for young women to marry, and swoosh them up against their will to do so. Seems to be a likely scenario. No ransom note found, so it must be a drive-by ass grab. Officials are stymied. How could this be. Hmmm, she was going home to her loving husband in two weeks. Well, guess what, she showed up on the side of the road tonight, with a shaved head. You get where I'm going here? But DAMN, you gotta shave your head to tell your husband you don't want his dick anymore? Just asking...


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