Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm Going To Give You An Example...

...of why I despise the medical profession. It should concern you.

I went to my GP on Thursday for a follow-up regarding my blood pressure. It's been pretty good since I've been on Norvasc. Only problem was it made me pee about 200 times a day. I go enough as it is with the PCa, but this was ridiculous. So when I told the MD he said it wasn't a side effect of the drug. NOT TRUE. Since they had just that morning put into effect a new computer system that would allow them to get rid of charts and be totally computerized, I asked him to query the side effects of the drug. Sure enough. He was surprised to learn that although it's an uncommon side effect, it does happen. And if it's uncommon, I'll suffer from it. At that point I was beginning to wonder if maybe I should take over his appointments for the day. I'm sure my bedside manner wouldn't be the best. I'd most likely kick most of the patients out on their asses and tell them to quit bothering me with their minor ailments.

Sooo, the MD suggested I lay off the Norvasc for a week and see if the symptoms subside. If they do but my BP goes up then I should take the script he was giving me. And what was it? THE VERY SAME THING that made my head blow up like the Hindenburg. I just looked at him with disdain and said "Think Again". Oh yeah, you can't take that, can you? DUH!!! So he scripts me for Diltiazem, a calcium-channel blocker. The other that screwed me up was an Ace Inhibitor. He said I should be fine.

So when I got to work I queried said drug and what to my wondering eyes should appear...CONTACT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE SWELLING OF THE FACE, EYES, LIPS, TONGUE, ARMS OR LEGS. I will never go back to that mother fucker again.

And nurses are no better. The hospice nurse my Dad had thought she was god's gift to the world and I should be more engaged in his care. Fuck you, bitch. I take care of him 24-7. You come twice a week. He was doing moderately well for the 3 1/2 months I had been there. Then one afternoon she tried to cath him with a '22. A fucking '22. This is a 74 year old guy with a urethra the size of a needle with stricture and she's trying with a fucking '22? She gave up. I suggested maybe a '14. She didn't have one, so she sent diapers over that night. Talk about humiliation. Then a week later she told him one afternoon that the cancer was probably in his brain. He died two days later because his ass just gave up. And this healthcare "professional" left the afternoon she told him that on a two week vacation. She never had to experience the aftermath of her "caring". So fuck you Ms. Moose and all the nurses out there. I can take someone's BP, I can pull you out of cardiac arrest, I can limit the damage of a heart attack by placing an aspirin under your tongue and I carry a disposable scalpel in my carry case in the event you need a trach. Only thing I can't do is call one of the dipshit MD's and tell them to give you something. Which, if they don't research might well kill your ass. Nice profession, people.


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