Saturday, September 01, 2007

Heaven, Hell, The Pearly Gates, The Gates Of Hell...

...Saint Peter and Beelzebub.

This is my idea of what I'd like to see when my days here are done. Include a good Merlot and some chocolate and berries and I'd be sanctifying my ass. Not likely to happen. I never have that kinda luck. God kicked my ass down here in a fit of rage, and best I can figure heading back up, or down, ain't gonna be none too pleasant.

Alas, it remains a mystery. I've studied all the practicing religions in the world, as well as all the scientific explanations, from Einstein's theory of relativity to the most popular, String theory. I've read "Issues In Science And Religion", that dealt with all the Medieval theories. I've read Jacques Ellul's "False Presence Of The KingDom". I've read Bertrand Russell, de Chardin, Whithead, Chesterton, Sagan, Jung and Kung, C.S. Lewis, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Newton and Windows. And after this exhaustive research I can honestly say that I'd still choose Liv on my deathbed. Call me stupid. My energy would understand.


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