Saturday, June 23, 2007

One Of The Problems...

...with prostate cancer is that a standard way to try and control its growth is with estrogenics.

Typically, if you're under the care of an MD and opt out of the standard cut and burn procedures, you go on Lupron, Casodex and Avodart. Triple hormonal blockade. I do mine naturally. As long as the herbs are of good quality you can expect the same results. Lower PSA, but your titties swell up, your balls shrink and your dick seeks shelter in the netherlands of your abdomen. There are times when I have to pee that I have to coax that bastard out of its hideaway with sweet nothings involving escapades of our past.

It's a trade off. One I can live with. I was never much of stud anyways. One woman was enough for me. Which brings me to steroids, in a round-about-way. I've thought about taking them to counteract the effects of the estrogenics. But only when I'm in a state of utter mental chaos. In doing my exhaustive research I've learned that just about all those pictures you see that depict six-pack abs and such...steroids. Nobody gets those naturally. I can attest. The eldest is a workout freak. Always has been. BIG guy with BIG guns, but he doesn't look like that. Nor does the marine nephew, whose home from Iraq, thank you very much, and OUT. Still has reserve duty, but unless someone just dummies up big time he's going to Auburn in the fall to chase pussy and ride his newly purchased crotch rocket.

I remember riding dirt bikes when I was his age, and the feeling of invincibility we got from it. The rush and testosterone boost were amazing. We'd stroke into the bar after a day of mud slinging and the women would make their way to our table like magnets. I'm lucky now if I go to the grocery store and get the attention of the cashier.

Such is life. I've done this living for 54 years. Don't expect much more out of it. Other than survival. Just an old piece of barbed-wire. Keeping the fences up that need keeping up. I was good at it then, I'm good at it now. Nuff said.

It's kinda nice when you know that the ole dickmeister ain't gonna work. You can just be friends with a women. Kinda nice.


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