Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Night Bullets...

...week three.

  • NBC News did a segment every night about people that take care of their aging parents. Of course, they used their own reporters and their parents to do it. It was so contrived it was sickening. It ain't that way in the real world. I know.

  • Seems some people were stuck on planes in NY for quite some time. In the ice. 1000 feet from the gate. With only ice chips to munch on. The CEO has apologized for this minor mishap on behalf of his company. He needs to go to rehab.

  • Seems Nascar had some of it's crew chiefs and drivers caught cheating. They said they were sorry. More rehab.

  • Some black ex-NBA player said he hated gay people. He apologized. More rehab.

  • I'm going into rehab tomorrow before I have to apologize for anything. But damn, I wonder if I can find a place with an empty room?


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