Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There's A New Study Out...

...that says 51% of women are single. I'm good with that. I wouldn't marry a man either, but my proclivity leans the other way, so I disqualify myself.

I'm all for the advances that women have made. They make more money, have more options and are more respected by most. The interviews I saw said the main ingredient in this change was that they got to come and go as they please, they eat what they want and can decorate as they please. Again, I'm all in favor. There are all sorts of new toys out there for women so dick's are becoming obsolete. The local home improvement places have classes that encompass a myriad of projects.

Women don't need men any longer. And that's fine. We can quit complimenting them, quit telling them we love them, quit spending hundreds on trinkets for gifts, quit offering to cook for a week. Hell, we can quit damned near all of it. And they won't raise a voice about how insensitive and uncaring we are. It'll be like living with two men. That should be fun. I may turn gay. But in my world the solution would be easy. If only they knew how to serve beer. It's a no-brainer...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come off it. ;)

6:19 PM  

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