Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More On The Pussyfication...

...of America. They are trying to make the Citizenship test more stringent so that it is more meaningful to those trying to become citizens. Basically, they (the government) would like these would-be Americans to know some hard and cold facts about the country and how it works. All the libs are in an uproar. They'd rather keep it simple, as in naming this actress, than in answering why we have three branches of government.

I'm all for easy. I wish there was an easy way to clean my abode. I wish there was an easier way to work. I wish I could blink my eyes like Jeannie did and have my dinner cooked. It ain't so. If I want it done, my ass has to do it.

I went to a Liberal Arts college back in the late '70's. When an education meant something, but was starting to go downhill. I took an English Lit course that required us to read 20 novels. The first one was Tess Of The D'Urbervilles. Now, the key to this class was, obviously, reading the novels. Then at the end we had to write a paper on the novel that interested us the most, why it did and break it down creatively. This was my first semester at the place, and I wasn't much into reading, but I found this novel fascinating. Trying to cram 60-100 pages a night into the program was kinda tough, especially while trying to swill a tenth of the number of beers. But I stuck with it and in the end made an A, with an brief fuss from the faculty about how creative my paper was. I can't remember what novel I wrote about, but I must say it was funny as hell back then, which I guess is what got it's attention.

Since this was my last chance to prove to myself that I wasn't as stupid as people had always made me out to be, I wanted that A, and I would do nothing less than the best I could to get it. No matter how hard it was. It carried me well through the rest of my academic tenure. Dean's list every semester. And folk's, back then, that wasn't easy.

So quit this shit about we have to make it easy so people don't have to work so hard to acheive a goal. Isn't that the point?


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