Monday, October 02, 2006

I Have Brain Drain...

...and it's leaking all over the damned place. Just some thoughts on things that have my head occupied...

  • What the hell has happened to our society when a person can go into a school weaponized and kill innocent children? We have the gun control weenies on the right that want all weapons gone. Fuck them. Would it have helped today? Probably not, given the nature of the Amish. But in other scenarios, I have a gun in every teachers drawer. A trade off if a troubled student knows about it? Probably. But if that's the case then get the teachers permits where they are required and arm them. Where they aren't, tell them it's like carrying a pencil. Point and write. And for goodness sake, if someone comes in a school, store, place of employment or wherever, and they have a gun and say stay calm and nobody will get hurt, get your ass a running as fast as you can. Do whatever. Your odds of living just went down substantially.

  • If you have had a previous position in some sporting field and you now do "color commentary", you are no longer to be called by what your previous title was. You are no longer 'coach', you are no longer anything. You are a regular joe. You should be called by your first name, or dummy, whichever applies. If you were once were a judge in the judicial system and now you're just a regular lawyer, your ass ain't 'judge' anymore. It's Billy Bob. If you received a PhD, you got a 'Doctorate in Philosophy'. You ain't qualified to save my ass. So quit with the 'Doctor' bullshit in front of your name. My brother has a PhD and he ain't saving your ass anymore than I am. I rode him for years about it and he finally dropped it. Now he's just asshole, but a good one.

  • I'm not one to stifle the freedom of the press. You can say what you like. I have no problem with that. It's up to me to discern if it's true or not. Well enough. Now we have homo's infiltrating the Congress and sending e-mails to Page's and wanting to suck on some dick. Just fuck!! Who the hell are we electing to these positions? We have a war going on and this dipshit is worrying about some young boy ass? But what pisses me off even more is the MSM's reaction to it. Oh, he was drunk, so we'll cut him some slack. Maybe he didn't mean it. Or it was just one of those things. If you've ever been married and did something stupid when you were drunk, how'd that go over? Not to well, if memory serves me correctly. And then you add this Woodward book in the mix and the government is on the shit slide. Who the hell is the captain of this boat? Just DAMN!!!


Blogger Rantin' Ron said...

You're on a roll dude. I agree with everything except the arming teachers thing. Most of 'em are ultra Liberals so, they wouldn't do it PLUS the fact is that most of 'em are fucking morons. It's a fact that people with the lowest GPA's in college go into teaching. Unfortunately, there is no cure for maniacs except to literally lock down schools and keep armed guards on site and even that ain't gonna stop a determined freak.

2:18 AM  
Blogger QofD said...

Four words: Bring back Bikini Atoll.

But first, let's populate it with all the idiots.

4:17 PM  
Blogger GalacticallyStupid said...

They gotta do something. Can't be killing the chitlins...

4:26 PM  

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