Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So, It Seems Someone Is Going On Hiatus... pursue writing, and frolicking in the woods and such. And spend time with her family. And maybe write some really good stuff, which she usually does.

And I applaud her for that decision. You see, oft times things are not as they seem. I have talked to said person on an occasion or two. I enjoyed that. She has that southern drawl that will melt your heart and she's feisty enough to tell you to get your ass in the kitchen and finish the fried okra.

There was no great plan here, but something told me that maybe this southern belle had better things to do with her time than waste it on a blog. She finally figured it out. I don't profess to have had anything to do with it. I didn't. But I'm glad she's made the decision she has.

Good luck Babs. I've always admired your writing and your spunk. No hard feelings, I hope. And I hope you and AD get to share many moments together.

And AD, I may be old, but I ain't an "old man" yet. I hope I get to see just a modicum of that state of being.

Let your souls flourish. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, dontcha think?


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