Friday, September 21, 2007

Seems As Though The Red Baron...

...dun flew his plane into the front of a nearby restaurant this morning.

Turns out it was only minutes before opening and the crew was in the kitchen prepping and the misers were in the office counting their coffers. But no one was outside standing inline to go feed their faces at the fat factory. So no innocent bystanders suffered any injuries from this stupid maneuver. Only the Baron bit the dust.

Back in the day I had 20 hours of flying time under my belt. First thing they teach you when you go up is that at the first sign of trouble you take the plane as far away from civilians as possible. Apparently the Baron missed this session. I'd like to give the stupid son-of-a-bitch the benefit of the doubt, but he flew over a very populated area, and engine failure usually gives you some kind of warning. Guess he wanted to go down in flames, which is exactly what his ass did. Preliminary investigations suggest no flight plan was logged so one might think this will turn out suspect. I'd agree.


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