Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Don't Do Meds Well...

...never have. Most likely never will.

Ya see this little bitch in the picture? It's HCTZ. Hydrochlorothiazide. It's a diuretic used to treat hypertension. It's supposed to lower your BP by getting rid of excess water in your body and it's also a vasodilator. Like I need to piss more than I do already. And on top of that I'm vascular enough as it is. I don't need no more blood flowing through my veins.

This little pill has kicked my ass to the curb and back and then dunked my head in the shitter. Without remorse. I woke up at 3:30 the other morning to take a piss and as I stood up I literally face planted myself into the bedroom door. Woke up five minutes later and crawled to the crapper and threw up my descending colon, pancreas and gall bladder. I believe there was some spleen in there as well.

I've never passed out before. I faked it once when I was in fourth grade because Ms. Massillo was forcing me to learn how to diagram sentences. That was just bullshit stuff. The other night wasn't. When I came to I had absolutely no idea what had happened nor where I was. It was purely by chance that the first door I found while crawling was the bathroom, since it's located right off the bedroom. But I sure as hell didn't recognize it. But I did recognize the porcelain, which is exactly what I headed for.

Being unconscious is a weird experience. It's not like waking up from sleep. You don't really stir like you do when you slip out of slumber. You just kinda pop-up. And your surroundings seem foreign, as if you were the character in one play and were suddenly cast as someone else is another authors venue. And they forgot to give you the script. Strange stuff.


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