Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Bullets For Thought...

...not that it matters.

  • It seems we have become increasingly consumed with style. I see it all the time in my personal life and in the blogs. As well as life in general. I realize there are some permanent things involved in the human brain that attract us to others; pheromones, for example. But for the most part aren't those ephemeral. You wake up one day and the initial spark is gone and you're stuck with the substance. Which is what makes day-to-day living possible. You may have great tits, which you talk about all the time, but in the long run, I ain't talking to them.

  • Every once in awhile you come across a great gift for your mother's B'Day/Mothers Day . I nailed it this year. Got the brothers involved in the cost because it was expensive. It's an AeroGrow. She loves the damned thing. Growing tomatoes at the time. I reckon there's a part of us that still love's to get our food from the soil.

  • I have never been able to tolerate fellow employees that don't contribute much to the mix but make sure they they raise a stink when they feel a decision has been made that didn't include them. DUH. Could it possibly be that it was done for a reason? We have a woman just like that at work. She can't work on her own. She has to constantly go to others to ask for solutions to problems given to her, and yet she continues to work there, taking up the precious time of those of us that work quite well independently. Dumb women suck. So do dumb men that are attracted to dumb women.

  • What the hell happened to proctologists? I went to one way back when to get my roids cut out. He confirmed I had them, after turning my ass and myself upside down for the better part of an hour. He said he could take care of them. That's how he makes money, he said. Lots of money. I can't find one now. Even at Duke. I guess nobody deals with assholes any longer. I bought a soldering iron. That should do it.

  • Despite my good test results from my newly found best friend of a doctor, my BP is still through the roof. I think it's work related, because of the the lady that can't do anything on her own. Or it could be Al Gore and global warming. Or Bush. Either way, I expect some type of cerebral hemorrhage in the coming weeks.

  • Acid Women? HAH.


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