Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Hellions...

...aka my sons, have a trip planned the end of the month.

Their destination? VEGAS!! Yeah Baby!! It's in celebration of the youngests 21st birthday. I have never been because I know that what happens in Vegas would follow my ass forever.

I do happen to think it will be a trip that involves copious quantities of alcohol being thrown down their gullets, their being beguiled by some shrew that promises them a peek-and-tweak of her slot machine, perhaps some porcelain hugging and, no doubt, lots of money spent. I'm sure they will be effervescent in their enthusiasm to take in all the city has to offer. And I'm sure they will, if I know them the way I do.

I don't expect too many problems from the venture. After all, how much trouble can three or four 20-somethings get into in the sin city? So I'm cashing in my 401K just in case, ya know, they find a Russian lady that needs an older man to marry her and get a green card. They're always thinking about dear ole Dad. Or they need bail, whichever comes first.


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