Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now Here's The Kinda Shit...

...that makes me glad I didn't go into education. This lady resigned today as Admissions Director at MIT.

She's worked there for 28 fucking years and has been AD since 1997 and has spent countless number of hours speaking to high school students about the pressures of admission and the like. But, as it turns out, she herself embellished her own resume way back when.

Who gives a shit? She's earned the best degree you can have. Living life and helping people. We need to get rid of this notion that to make it in life you have to have a college degree. I have one and it hasn't done a damned thing for me, other than to recognize this as just bullshit. Ivory towers are just that. Soap. And it may clean your ass, but not your innards. I hope someone recognizes that and hires her. She's needed.


Blogger Amanda said...

True on that.

I have a degree, and without either teaching (dear gussy, never again) or going to graduate school it basically qualifies me to ask "Would you like fries with that?"

My work experience, though? That counts a helluva lot.

(Commenting late, I know, but I just found your blog).

4:17 AM  

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