Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Call Bullshit...

...on a few things tonight.

  • MSNBC announced a few minutes ago that they are dropping their simulcast of the Imus program. I'm sure the radio program isn't far behind. All because of some "nappy-headed ho's" comment he made. Face it folks, this country is going down the tubes. Twenty years from now you won't even recognize where you are living. This liberal, whiny ass shit will have men wearing thongs and shaving their legs and underarms, and women, well, they'll have a hard time finding the "bad men" they so sorely look for. I feel sorry for him, if only because he was reduced to groveling for his job. Wasn't very becoming. My guess is he didn't really feel that way, but what the hell. He has more money than God. But I bet that sexy young wife will tire of him when the spotlight fades. Shit happens. All the time.

  • Let me state this as succinctly as I can. This is my blog. If you don't like some of the stuff I put up here, get over it and don't read it. Don't even think about telling me you are disappointed in me because of something I've said or done, especially questioning my morals. I ain't out there fucking every bad boy that happens to suit my fancy. And don't feign friendship because I've happened to lend an ear in times of trouble. That stops now. Go find your bad boys and let their intellect meld with yours. Shouldn't take too long.

  • The DOD today announced that they are extending the tours of duty for deployed forces in Iraq from 12 to 15 months. What's the DBM reporting. What a travesty it is and how it will affect morale and the like. Look, they signed up with the knowledge that, what, they'd be swimming laps? It is what it is. You made your bed. Pull up the covers.

  • The AG of NC dismissed the sexual assault and kidnapping charges against the Duke Lacrosse players, which should have been done about two hours after the initial investigation. Again, another instance of self-promotion on the part of a white person on behalf of blacks, and the blacks activists calling foul on everything. I hope they sue the bejesus out of this Nifong buttwipe. He deserves it.


Blogger Infinitesimal said...

my limited understanding is thus:


Those Rutgers girls are some nappy headed hos... The Tennessee girls looked pretty good to me though (all white)

Imus' executive producer:
Yeah, it's kinda like the Jigaboos versus the Wannabees (this in reference to the Spike Lee film School Daze, where the exact same phrase was uttered)

Initially, the Jigaboo comment was reported on, but quickly shoved aside

Essentially, Imus took the fall for the word Jigaboo even though he did not utter it, and the media did not really report on it (after the first day)

But, that's my limited understanding of how it went down.

6:34 PM  

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