Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just Had A Call From The Eldest ...

...and he has taken up one of my psychological passions when I was his age. Running.

Of course he weights about 50 pounds more than I did in my prime, but it shouldn't matter. It will be harder on his knees, but did you know that when you run you develop new capillaries that run from your heart and can protect you from a heart attack?

Enough of that. I took up running to try and protect myself from leaving the comforts of college. Easy life, no real responsibilities. But you throw in the reality shit and my mind just shit the bed. I would cut classes to get the 10 miles in then go study and then go slop beer for three hours. I'd end up pissing in all sorts of places and not even know I was doing it. My psyche was fractured.

I continued running at an even greater pace when I graduated, and got up to 20 miles. I would set out at 4 in the morning and transverse my way around the city. I'd cough up shit during the run that should have been designated as toxic waste. But on I went. Everyone said how well I looked and the like. And I felt good. But I knew there was some underlying unpleasantly going on. And the author of the book dropped dead.

Once I got married I sporadically kept up the running, just because it helped deal with the stress of being married to someone that didn't really love you.

I ran three miles two years ago. Not sure I could do it today. Point? I have none. End of post.


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