Monday, April 02, 2007

I Don't Get Excited About Much Of Anything Any Longer...

...a call or visit from the kids will do it, an IRS refund and perhaps an exposed nipple.

But it is Masters week, and though I don't get "excited" about it, I do look forward to it. If you saw Tiger's chip on the 16th in '05 and didn't get some giddy up going, then there's something wrong with you. If Tiger isn't in the hunt on the weekend then I'll go back to reading the Dead Sea Scrolls and stalking Easter Bunnies that have been left vulnerable. Animals, remember?

I won't watch either of the NCAA B-Ball finals this week. I'm always in bed by then. And I don't have the constitution but for so much excitement in one week. Ya never know when there's a nipple lurking out your window. I have to save my strength.


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