Monday, March 12, 2007

Just One Night...

...I'd like to be able to escape my body and see what the hell I do to myself when I sleep.

I know I'm a thrasher. It's evident from the state of my covers. Those SOB's are spread across the room. This morning I awakened with a sprained calf muscle. How in the hell does that happen? Saturday morning it was more bruising on my arms. And all I have is a bed and a table in the bedroom. Not as if there's a lot of nick-naks and such that that I could bust myself up on. The bruises I can see, since I take a lot of stuff to thin my blood, but a calf muscle? I've been cramping all day. I hate being a weird ass sleeper. I ain't pissed myself yet, but it can't be too far around the corner. Me thinks it's time to invest in some Depends. I have no plans on waking up in a pool of urine. At least not yet.


Blogger Hammer said...

Either she's a bed wetter or having nice dreams.

Do you think you're sleep walking as well?

3:19 AM  

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