Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This Is One Wacky-Ass Lady...

...but I kinda admire her ass.

When I first heard about it this morning I figured the two bitches were competing for the male astronaut's affection because he had a big rocket with lots of thrust. Understandable. I thought she went a little overboard with all the paraphernalia and such, but when someone has her sights set on a rocketman, what's she to do?

What impressed me the most was the diaper thing. I'm no math wizard, to which I've freely admitted, but she drove 900 miles. At a conservative 70 MPH that would be almost 13 hours. I happen to know something about the capacity of adult diapers since my Dad had to wear them the last few weeks of his life. They can hold one good pee at best and maybe two small ones, tops. And they get soaked. Now if she didn't want to stop, this woman's pants or skirt had to be saturated by the time she reached Louisiana or Mississippi. And how the hell do you change a diaper in a car? On your own damned ass. Maybe it was her astronaut training. Either way, if she goes to prison I'm going to strike up a pen pal thingy with her. I bet she rockets in bed. And I'll be in diapers by then.



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