Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No Picture On This One...

...but I do want to rant about something that every once in awhile raises it's head in this medium and it pisses me off to no end.

I understand how the internet works. My first computer cost $3500 back in 1993, and I was the first on the block to get AOL, and thoroughly enjoyed instant messaging when it came out. But I could see back then, and experienced, what happens when you get involved with people over this medium. We can be just as swayed, wooed, cajoled and deceived as easily as we can be in the non-digital world. And there are people out there that are just as capable of playing on your emotions had they met you in a bar as they if they show up in your IM list.

As humans, we long for companionship, both male and female. In an ever increasing hectic workplace, we find it easier to come home and log on and find our friends. But, when you can't see the eyes, can't see the gestures, can't see the feign of the head that let's you know the person is lying, it's tough to know whom to trust.

Men are especially devilish with this. They lie, cheat and steal, but not durable goods. The prey on the very souls of women that want nothing more than to know that they are lovable. And when the gig is up, they've left with their egos inflated and a heap of flesh puking her guts out because she was duped again.

Normally I'm pretty understanding of this type of behavior. I know how it works. If you're an adult you pretty much know the deal. But this time it just pissed me off royally. Some people are just tough as nails. They won't tolerate any bullshit and they'll tell your ass that in a heartbeat. And they keep themselves guarded. They've been there, they know how it affects them, and they don't want to go back to that place where their psyche's go haywire and they start to doubt themselves. But every so often someone sneaks in and they take advantage of said person. Maybe their guard is down, maybe that little area in their head is vulnerable where no one ever told them they were truly loved. And BAM, these asshats hit and start talking all sorts of shit that will never happen unless there's some sort of nekkidness involved. And by then it's too damned late.

This applies to blogs, personal dating sites, MySpace, any of them. There are people out there that could care less about you AS A PERSON. And don't think they are easily spotted. You could have been talking to them for years. But guys, be on the up-and-up. I've been thinking about this all day and my meager brain is tired. But if you are someone that does this type of thing, FUCK YOU.


Blogger Babs RN said...

Thanks hun.

2:21 AM  
Blogger QofD said...

Can I get an amen? No? Ok.

4:39 AM  
Blogger hammer said...

I had a guy befriend me online and we chatted every so often about this and that and all of the sudden he gives me all his personal info and tells me he needs 50 bucks right away or he is going to be homeless.

I talked to a few other people who also knew him and his story turned out to be bullshit.

Yep screw em.

5:35 AM  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I have been a first hand victim of such behavior on the net ONCE! It won't happen again. And yes, it was at a weak time. The bummer is that you have a hard time trusting anyone, real or virtual. But most people I have found to be basically okay--some are just screwy.

2:23 PM  

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