Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Lovely Nurse...

...posed a very interesting question here. I would like to add my two pence worth. We like to think that there's a way to balance our lives. When we're younger it's a bit easier. If there are no kids involved in that life then it's infinitely easier. Our time is our own for the most part, save for our jobs and perhaps a spouse or familial member that infringes on our clock. But for the most part we can come and go as we please. It depends, of course, on what type of job you've chosen, what type of spouse and what type of family you were born into. Once kids come along things change drastically. Suddenly your time is irrelevant. And then if you add in upward mobility, as far as the job is concerned, with added responsibility, then it gets even worse. And before you know it you have enough time in the day to shower, throw some clothes on, do what needs doing, come home, do what needs doing and go to bed. It's the nature of the beast. Unless, of course, you're born into wealth, in which case this is a moot point.

The things I have mentioned above are a 'best case' scenario. If you throw into the frey a divorce, money problems, elderly parents, rebellious teenagers involving arrests and the like, you have a whole new ballgame. Somewhere around my late 30's to early 40's I literally gave up thinking anything about my own time and trying to balance it. Adulthood was calling and even when I was lucky enough to steal time away from work, it usually involved a family matter of some sort, so it wasn't 'my time' at all. Just someone else using it.

So, it seems I have no psychological insights to offer this dear woman, other than it is what it is. But, in the hopes of not getting myself bitch-slapped into the next universe, I give you a link to pictures of this inquiring mind. If this isn't the antithesis of a 'dumb blonde' I don't know what is. Go read her stuff. Even the narcissistic stuff. Hell, everybody deserves a chance to blow some smoke up their own butt at times. And now, after 30 some odd years, I get to replace that pillow with the Farrah Fawcett slip cover on it. Thank goodness!! Once you get that swimsuit off there ain't much there but fluff. I'm not sure how sleeping on a laptop is gonna work, though, but I'll update after a few days and let ya know...


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