Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Had To Stop...

...at the tweeter on the way home tonight. Needed some ghetti sauce for my lycopene and some wine for my resveratrol. It's complicated. Don't ask. It involves science, at which I suck. Go figure.
The checkout girl's name was Stephanie. I always say high to them and call them by name. It's a shitty job but good for young workers. As I was plugging in my PIN I looked up and she was starring at me. When I caught her she did the normal thing and glanced down. When I continued with the routine of wanting cash back, etc., I looked up again. Same thing. I figured she was looking because I'm a handsome man and she wanted to have her way with me. Then it dawned on me that she was probably appalled because I looked like I had been beaten about the head with a tire iron. I asked her if she was busy Friday night. Maybe she liked the rugged look. She threw a pomegranate at me. Back to my lonely abode.


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