Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just Damn...

...just as I'm getting high on the medical community they come out with this shit. I don't need a more sophisticated way to detect prostate cancer. I need a cure. This new fangled piece of machinery allows the MD to keep his hands free while doing a biopsy. If you've never been through one, good for you. Don't. They stick an ultrasound the size of a baseball up your butt. Then they shoot arrows up there. I did fine with it, but I was prepared. Some poor guys pass out. Now they use Lidocaine to deaden the pain. I asked for it. They ignored me. When it was over I was bleeding like a stuck pig from the anal area. The doc and attending left the room and said I was free to go. I'm sorry? What about this little issue here. No where to be found. So I went in the bathroom, packed my panties with about 100 paper towels and got the hell outta there. Never went back other than to here the diagnosis.

Now I'm sure this machine will make it more comfy for patients, and the guy I go to now has wanted another biopsy for a year, but my PSA is low enough that I can dissuade him, but how does the invention of something like this help? Only for biopsies and seed implants. Not for those of us that follow EM and are waiting for something else to come down the pipeline. They have HIFU now, but it's not FDA approved and the trials at Duke are only for those that were diagnosed after 50. I missed it by six months.

So it goes on. More fancy hardware, no cures. My reading of medical blogs will wane quickly with this type of news...


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